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Important - Select the Current Network your Unlock Alcatel is Locked to. Do NOT select the network you want to use.

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If you are looking to make your phone carrier free and have the freedom to choose the network provider of your choice, then you need to unlock your phone. Unlocking will also be helpful to avoid expensive plans, long-term contracts with the network provider and expensive roaming charges. If you want to unlock your Alcatel phone, you need a code to enter in the phone.

Unlock Alcatel Phone

To unlock Alcatel phone, you would require unlock code for Alcatel Idol or unlock code for Alcatel Pixi and the unlock code would be required for other Alcatel phones too. An unlock code is generated with the help of IMEI number of the phone. Thus, to seek an unlock code, finding the IMEI number is a must. If the phone user is not aware of the IMEI number of the phone, it is not a matter of worry. Once can find the IMEI by typing *#06# on your phone or by checking the settings of the phone. IMEI number is also usually printed on the phone, usually below the battery or it can also be read from the original box packing of the phone which was received when the phone was purchased.

How to Unlock Alcatel Phone

Unlocking the Alcatel Phone is a matter of few minutes and complexity wise, it is not very complex. However, it is not that easy for a layman. There are chances that something can go wrong, in which case one has to follow troubleshooting steps. Thus, it is suggested to unlock the phone with the help of professionals of the task and expert technicians of the field. We, at Unlockninja, do the task soon for the clients of the need. We Unlock Alcatel Phone various models from any network worldwide. We cater to global clients as the task can be done online itself. Therefore, clients do not have to bother as how to unlock an Alcatel one touch fire or how to Unlock Alcatel Pixi or how to Unlock Alcatel Phone any other. The client can just hire us for a nominal cost for the purpose and we do everything.

For a brief guide as how do we work, we begin with collecting client’s and phone’s information like email id, phone brand name, model number, network on which the phone is locked and country name where from you buy the phone. And the most important is, IMEI number etc. These details help us to identify the phone, be it anywhere in the world. Also, email id is required to communicate with the client in relation to Unlock Alcatel Phone. IMEI number helps us to generate the right unlock code for the phone under consideration. Hence, this basic information is collected by way of online form by us.

Next, we process client’s request to unlock the phone and generate authentic Alcatel unlock code for the Alcatel phone with the help of IMEI number using our contacts or software. On generating the authentic Alcatel Unlock Code, we email it to the client along with a brief guide as how to enter the unlock code in Alcatel phone and unlock it permanently. In the process, by any chance, if the client faces any kind of trouble or if he has any doubts he can freely contact us and we are always available to resolve client’s queries. That is how we ease the process of unlocking for the client and bring him the benefits of unlocked phone without any hassles. We make sure to give clients value for money.

How to Unlock Alcatel One Touch to Use Any Network SIM

To Unlock Alcatel Phone any model like Alcatel one touch, you need to provide all above info (Brand, Model, Country, Network, IMEI No, Mail ID) to the unlock code service provider. Once you got the unlock code, you have to follow some steps to Unlock Alcatel One Touch or Unlock Alcatel Pixi or any other Alcatel Model.

  • Insert an unsupported SIM into your Alcatel One Touch phone (unsupported means a simcard from a different network),
  • Phone will display a Message "Enter Network Key" or "Enter the unlock code",
  • Now enter the Unlock Code delivered by Unlockninja

Another Steps to Enter the Unlock Code in an Alcatel One Touch

  • Switch On your Alcatel One Touch WITHOUT ANY SIM CARD INSERTED
  • Type the code : *#0000*CODE# (Replace CODE by Unlock Code Delivered to You)
  • Now complete the unlocking process enter the code: *#0001*CODE#
  • Your Alcatel One Touch Idol is Unlocked now to Use Any Network SIM.

You can unlock any Alcatel Phone with the above method, if you have a unlock code. If you get any error just check the guideline “How to Enter the Unlock Code in Alcatel Phone” or send us your query by Contact US

Some  Benefits to Unlock Alcatel Phone are:

  • Ability to change the SIM cards in the same handset.
  • The resale value of the phone increases if it is not bound to any specific providers.
  • The user becomes free to travel to any country and use a local SIM card there to save cost.
  • It avoids the need of jailbreaking.
  • Unlocking the Alcatel phone will be a permanent solution, and the user does not have to unlock it repeatedly.
  • Unlocking does not refrain you from using phone’s inbuilt apps.
  • It is a legal solution.

Network Unlock Code to Unlock Alcatel Phone

Network key is the password that authenticates your connection with the home network. Phone network Unlock Code will be required if you would want to switch to another network. If your Alcatel phone is network locked, few Alcatel phones will ask to enter Phone Network Key when you will power on the phone with an unsupported carrier in the locked phone. Do not get confused that the network unlock code for Alcatel phone given by us will not work here as it is asking for Phone Network Key. The unlock code generated by us will unlock your phone on entering in your phone when it asks to Enter Phone Network Unlock Key.

Factory Unlock Code to Unlock Alcatel Phone

As mentioned above few phones are network locked, and few phones are locked by the manufacturer at the time of factory settings. We are capable of generating authentic Alcatel Phone Unlock code in both the cases for all models. We bring Alcatel Factory Unlock code right at your doorstep which facilitates to unlock your phone permanently without disturbing other factory settings/installed apps/data of your phone.

Briefing, we could say that you can find all solutions relating to unlocking your Alcatel device under one roof.

Few benefits of Using Unlockninja’s professional Alcatel Phone unlocking Services

You can avoid the use wires and too many hardware pieces. When you opt the service of professionals at Unlockninja, you can follow the instructions by following a step by step guide which can be done from home, without needing any special software or hardware pieces.

  •  Network unlocking service- freedom to use any SIM you want.
  •  No setup required and can be done at home.
  • You can save roaming fee as you can select the local SIM of the provider of the country you are traveling to.
  • Surety of less or competitive prices.
  • Use of safe methods to Unlock Alcatel Phone so that there is no damage to the phone.
  • Avoiding the void of warranty of the phone.
  • Good support services and availability of knowledgeable professionals. This is helpful in case where the person has issues or concerns about their phone.
  • The results are sent by the email and there is no need to visit the physical office to get the work done.
  • Prompt response by our staff to client’s queries.
  • We seek Alcatel Unlock Code for you at earliest.

There is much more that can be realized by joining hands with us. Hire Unlockninja to Unlock Alcatel Phone any device and feel the freedom as never before and that too without any botheration.