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How to unlock iphone 7

The iphone 7 is a smartphone with an apple operating system. Its design is similar to iphone 6. The iphone 7 has come up with new colours like matte black and jet black. Other changes include static home button and a new capacitive. It was launched in September 2016 and is priced at $649.

 Iphone 7 features

The iphone 7 comes with a screen size of 4.70 inches and 2.34GHz quad-core processor. Its RAM is of 2 GB and is an iOS 10 version. It is available in red, rose gold and gold colours.

Unlock iphone 7 in three easy steps

You can unlock your phone on unlockninja by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Select the brand of the phone.

  • Select the model of the phone.

  • Tap “Unlock Now”

 Iphone 7 unlock code

A code is not used to network unlock iphones. It is unlocked on Apple servers.

Imei unlock iphone 7

The full form of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a unique identification or serial number which is  present in all mobile phones and smartphones. 

The imei number comprises of 15 digits. It is displayed on the screen of mobile by entering *#06#.

Reviews for iphone 7

It was appreciated for a good battery life and criticised for the low light camera performance.